RFID Solution landing in Cold Chain

"Monitoring temperature of each unit during delivery"

BeeCool system is a solution developed by GIGA-TMS to collect data instantly from each package by setting time intervals, just like bees work at each cell without missing.


The main features of the BeeCool system are:

  • Available to record temperature in each time interval, and calculate expired dates.

  • Track and tracing with cloud database on each site.

  • Easy and quick operation.

  • Most of all, affordable cost than industrial package system.




All you need in "BeeCool"


Portable Device

Friendly use and simple operation device, which has Bluetooth interface to link with any smart phone and tablet to check the records


Data logger

Light and compact housing design and also integrated with RFID and temperature sensor. Easy installation and high reliability are suitable to use in temperature variation 



A specific encoder for TL10, which is used with "Logger Utility" software to do simple settings.


How BeeCool works

Step 1

Attach logger and go

Attach a TL10 logger on the items and use AUR-720 logging and go

(Also you can use UE600 to change the setting in advance)

Step 2

Record data in intervals

The TL10 logger will be recording the temperature in intervals by each sec/min/hour

Step 3

NG/GO by AUR720

The receiver can quickly decide to take goods or not by the records.

Use AUR-720 to do immediately quality check

Final Step

Track and trace on BeeCool Cloud

Why BeeCool is a smart choice

Economic to massive application

Most of the WIFI loggers are expensive and hard to apply on the massive scale. Compared to WIFI loggers, USB loggers are cheaper but slow in data collection


Therefore, BeeCool RFID loggers take good advantage of both features and present an economic and fast solution in Cold Chain.

Operation Efficiency

Image if you use100 USB data loggers at the same time, what kind of nightmare you will have in data collection?


We know and overcome the tough situation! An AUR720 device is like a bee to collect honey one by one in a smart way. Finally, no more plug in and out in operation.



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